About #bchikechat

The #bchikechat takes place on Twitter on the 1st Sunday of each month at 9pm PST and is hosted by Outdoor Vancouver and Vancouver Trails. Using the Hashtag #bchikechat, participants can follow along, Tweet their answers to questions from the organizers, and engage in discussion about hiking and the outdoors.

How do the Questions and Answers Work?

Typically, @vancouvertrails and @outdoovan will take turns asking questions and each question will be labeled with Q1, Q2, Q3, etc. and the hashtag #bchikechat. You can then reply with your answers to each question number with A1, A2, A3, etc. and also include the #bchikechat hashtag so others can follow along.

An example of how this works would look like this:

@vancouvertrails: Q1: What is your favorite hiking trail near Vancouver? #bchikechat

@you: A1: I like Dog Mountain because it’s got a great view of the city. #bchikechat

Why Would I Want To Participate?

It gives you the opportunity to chat with others who are interested in hiking in the area and learn from their experiences.

It can help you plan and inspire new outdoor adventures.

Connect via social media with like-minded, experienced people who are into hiking and the outdoors.

Do you have guests on #bchikechat?

Yes. Depending on the theme for the chat, we do have people participating as guests who have plenty of knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise.

Can I sponsor a #bchikechat?

Yes. We often give away prizes and we would be happy to discuss opportunities. Please contact us through the website form.