Apps and Resources

Date: Thursday, July 7, 2016

This #BCHikeChat, we’ll be talking about what Apps and Resources you use to plan your hikes.


  • 9:06 Q1. What are your favorite online resources for finding new hikes?
  • 9:11 Q2. What is your favorite printed hiking guide book?
  • 9:16 Q3. What is your favorite hiking-related mobile app?
  • 9:21 Q4. What other online resources do you use for hiking?
  • 9:26 Q5. Has relying on an app or online resource too heavily gotten you into trouble before?
  • 9:31 Q6. Have you discovered a useful hiking related app or website when you travel to other places?
  • 9:36 Q7. What would you like to see in a hiking app or online resource?
  • 9:41 Q8. Are there any other apps or online resources that you love to use for outdoor activities?

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