Hiking Safety

Date: Sunday, March 1, 2015

The March 1, 2015 featured the topic Hiking Safety and special guest, Michael Coyle (@lithohedron) of Coquitlam Search and Rescue joined us for the chat.


  • Q1: How do you prepare for a hike or outdoor adventure? #bchikechat
  • Q2: What safety supplies do you carry with you? #bchikechat
  • Q3: What’s the worst / scariest issue you’ve had while hiking? #bchikechat
  • Q4: How do you stay physically fit for your outdoor adventures? #bchikechat
  • Q5: Do you rely on any electronic devices when in the wilderness? #bchikechat
  • Q6: Do you leave a trip plan? If so, with who? If not, why not? #bchikechat
  • Q7: Have you ever taken a course in safety (ie, AST-1, Wilderness survival, orienteering, or first aid)? #bchikechat
  • Q8: Are you concerned about bears, and do you carry bear spray or bear bells? #bchikechat
  • Q9: What safety tip do you always recommend to first time hikers?  #bchikechat
  • Q10: Do you have any questions for @lithohedron on outdoor safety? #bchikechat

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