Hiking Shoes

Date: Wednesday, March 30, 2016

This week’s #bchikechat is all about Hiking Shoes. What do you wear for hiking shoes and do you have any good stories from the trails about your shoes. There was lots of good discussion on hiking boot recommendations this week.


  • Q1. What do you look for in a good hiking shoe?
  • Q2. How often do you get new hiking shoes?
  • Q3. Do you have a favourite brand or type of hiking shoe?
  • Q4. Do you have a favourite store where you purchase your hiking shoes?
  • Q5. How long do you find it takes to break in a new pair of hiking shoes?
  • Q6. Do you pack anything for blister control? If so, what?
  • Q7. What steps do you take after hiking to maintain the life of your hiking shoes?
  • Q8. Do you have a memorable story where your hiking shoes failed?

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