Hiking with Dogs

Date: Sunday, January 3, 2016

For the first #bchikechat of 2016, we discussed Hiking with Dogs, including what to bring, popular trails, and dog etiquette on the trail.


  • Q1: Do you take a dog hiking with you? #bchikechat
  • Q2: What areas or trails do you like to take your dog hiking on? #bchikechat
  • Q3: What extra supplies do you pack for your dog? #bchikechat
  • Q4: How do you ensure your dog is physically able to do the hike with you? #bchikechat
  • Q5: What concerns do you have about dogs on hiking trails? #bchikechat
  • Q6: What are some suggestions to improve dog access to some hiking trails? #bchikechat
  • Q7: What does dog etiquette on the trail mean to you? #bchikechat
  • Q8: Show us a photo of you hiking with your dog? #bchikechat

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