Date: Sunday, October 2, 2016

On October 2, 2016, #BCHikeChat discussed the subject of Navigation, including what hikers take with them on the trails, like compasses, maps, and GPS units.


  • 9:06 Q1. What non-electronic navigation resources do you take on your hikes?
  • 9:11 Q2. What electronic navigation devices do you take on your hikes?
  • 9:16 Q3. Do you like hikes with very clear markings / navigation aids, or do you prefer to do your own route-finding?
  • 9:21 Q4. Have you lost your direction on a hike and how did you find it again?
  • 9:26 Q5. Have you taken a Navigation course?
  • 9:31 Q6. On what hike did you have a hard time finding the route?

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