Outdoor Photography

Date: Sunday, December 6, 2015

This #bchikechat’s discussion is on outdoor photography and what camera gear you take with you hiking.


  • Q1: What camera do you take hiking with you? #bchikechat
  • Q2: What other camera gear do you take hiking with you? #bchikechat
  • Q3: What makes a great outdoor photograph? #bchikechat
  • Q4: Where are some of your favourite locations to take outdoor photography? #bchikechat
  • Q5: What photography tip can you give to others for taking good outdoor photos? #bchikechat
  • Q6: What do you mainly do with your outdoor photographs? (ie. social media, print, other) #bchikechat
  • Q7: What shot/ location are you dreaming of capturing? #bchikechat
  • Q8: What camera gear do you have on your Christmas list? #bchikechat

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