Squamish Hikes

Date: Sunday, September 11, 2016

This #BCHikeChat was all about Squamish Hikes and some of the beautiful trails in thee region. We also gave away a HillSound Trail Crampon to one lucky participant.Hillsound Crampons


  • 9:06 Q1. What’s your favourite Squamish hike? #BCHikeChat
  • 9:11 Q2. What’s your least favourite Squamish hike? #BCHikeChat
  • 9:16 Q3. What hike are you planning to do next in Squamish? #BCHikeChat
  • 9:21 Q4. What’s your favorite place to grab some food after a long day of hiking in Squamish?  #BCHikeChat
  • 9:26 Q5. What hike in Squamish has your favourite view? #BCHikeChat
  • 9:31 Q6. Photo brag. Share an amazing photo you have taken on a trail in Squamish. #BCHikeChat

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