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Gear and Holiday Gift Ideas

In time for the upcoming holiday season, we will be chatting about Hiking Gear and Holiday Gift Ideas on the upcoming #BCHikeChat. Join us on Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 9pm PST and follow the hashtag #BCHikeChat on Twitter. Questions 9:06 Q1. ...

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Hiking Gear

This #BCHikeChat, we talked about Hiking Gear, including some people's favourite gear, where they buy hiking gear, and any challenges they've had on the trails with their gear. Questions Q1. What is your favorite piece of hiking gear? Q2. Wh ...

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Overnight Hikes

With the spring hiking season well underway, this week's chat talked about Overnight Hikes that people might be doing this summer or planning long term for. Questions Q1. What was your first overnight hike, or if you haven’t done one, why not? ...

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